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Remote Island Energy & Fresh Water Supply

Single Stand-Alone Wave Energy Converter Solutions

Many islands such as Pacific Islands south of latitude 20°S receive a substantial amount of wave energy with a mean available wave resource above 20 kilowatts per metre (kW/m) and many other islands also have potential for wave energy extraction with a mean wave resource above 7kW/m.  Most small Pacific Islands would not need to deploy large-scale wave farms of ten or more devices, as power production would greatly exceed the demand.

The type of wave energy converter (WEC) chosen depends largely on environmental and geophysical characteristics of the wave energy site where it is to be deployed.  The flexible range of Aquanet's products from shallow water (10-15 metres) to deep water (40-80 metres), means that our devices can match the environmental and geophysical characteristics of the chosen site.  In addition, the costs of electricity production from Aquanet's WEC devices are already on a par with the cost of generation of other renewable energies, at prototype level.

Given the high cost of imported fuel to the islands, and less demand or consumption needed for remote islands, most small islands would not need to deploy large-scale wave farms, a single stand-alone WEC would be a competitive option against fossil fuel generators.  With expected rises in fuel prices in the next decades, it would be appropriate to include wave energy in the planning stage for the development of renewable energy on the islands.

All of our product ranges can be used to power off-the-shelf reverse osmosis desalination units for the supply of fresh water on the islands.

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