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International Patents

Aquanet Power will continue to strengthen its patent portfolio

Aquanet is proud of what it has achieved so far in relation to advancing its proprietary wave energy conversion technology over the past 3 years.  Our third party validated technology has reached Technology Readiness Level 7 plus (TRL 7+).  The core technology at the heart of the Aquanet wave energy conversion system is protected in key markets around the world, including EU, US, Japan, China, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.  The picture below depicts the latest patent application as secondary application of the devices, a hybrid coastal defence integration application of the technology. 


Our Technology
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An example of Aquanet's patented breakwater application

Patent Portfolio Description

Within the patent portfolio of the Aquanet technology, there are 4 families of patents, namely:

  • Oscillating Water Column  (PCT/AU2009/001128)

  • Latest airWAVE™ Turbine  

  • PAT Turbine  (PCT/AU2010/001638)

  • Breakwater Wall Application  (PCT/AU2014/000984)


In total, Aquanet has currently 21 granted patents with additional 4 patent applications in the process and several new applications in preparation. Aquanet Power remains focused on creating genuine solutions to the challenges faced in the sector, offering solid, tangible, cost-effective and original end to end solutions.


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