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Desalination Solution

Fresh Water Production Via a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

In typical RO onshore plants, only 1/3 of the total seawater pumped to shore is converted into freshwater with the remaining 2/3 returned to sea as concentrated brine.  Unlike traditional desalination plants, 100% of the water pumped ashore is freshwater, resulting in significant energy and cost savings. 


Desalination equipment can be incorporated onboard Aquanet devices with the capacity to produce freshwater from seawater.   Multiple devices can be spread along the coast to provide and support both electricity and freshwater supply tailored to the needs of coastal communities.

By using a single Aquanet device for desalination, coupled with the provision of power from the grid to balance the energy supply during wave down-times there is the potential to provide 3 million liters of potable water per day, which would cover the needs of approximately 3,500 households.


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