We are wave energy conversion technology developers and are passionate with our work to help shape a sustainable future.  With a technology developed for more than 20 years and accumulated real ocean data and experience, we provide in depth field knowledge, cost-effective, end-to-end solution wave energy converter system.   The Company is now ready for demonstration to the world of the technology’s capability to produce clean energy from the ocean waves at cost levels comparable to other matured renewable energy even at the first full scale device. 





Our products and integration services go far beyond renewable energy generation

  • Suitable for remote island energy and fresh water supply

  • Cost-efficiency comparable with the most mature renewable energy sources at 10+MW scale

  • Equipment operational life designed to last 30 years

  • Can act as a breakwater reducing coastal erosion and providing safe harbour




Our core patented technology offers major improvements in system design, turbine and construction techniques. 

Over the last 20 years the technology has been developed, deployed, tested  and operated through 3 prototypes in the open ocean, producing 100% clean green electricity to the grid from ocean waves.

We continue to improve the efficiency of our systems.  The enhancements made to the systems design over the last 3 years has increased the energy conversion efficiency of the wave energy converter (WEC) by more than 60% of the previous design. 



Understanding wave energy – what it is, how it works and how best to extract it from our oceans has been intrinsic to developing our highly efficient and cost effective technology here at Aquanet Power. Click here to learn more about wave energy and its potential.


The world currently uses approximately 15 trillion kWh of electricity per annum, representing just 0.02% of the energy contained throughout the world's ocean.

To put this into perspective, the available energy in less than 80 metres of water is almost 5 times the world consumption according to the World Energy Council.



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